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Visual Arabia Design Yearbook 2013
Donzela lands in Dubai!
The Visual Arabia Design Yearbook 2013 just arrived, featuring two of the illustrations I made for the book A Donzela sem Mãos. The book is very interesting , full of great work and killer interviews. Good job everyone! And a big thanks to VA creative director Kamil Roxas, for inviting me to be one of the book's international guests.

Visual Arabia
is Middle East's first multidisciplinary creative and digital design conference, aiming to be the "melting pot" of content creators across the region and a good venue for learning from those in the forefront of the international design scene. It's a gathering of the creative community to celebrate design excellence, share ideas and inspiration. It's a full-day conference packed with visionary talks from top influencers in the field of design, illustration, animation and photography. The first conference happened in March 2013, at Dubai.
22.05.2013 | 
The girl is here!
A Donzela Sem Mãos e Outros Contos de Fadas online sale
Written by Helena Gomes and published by Escrita Fina Edições, the book A Donzela sem Mãos e outros Contos de Fadas (The Girl Without Hands and Other Fairy Tales) is finally out.

It took me a lot of time to finish this book, way more than one could expect. Tough times. Donzela was conceived amongst many doubts about my work and profession, surviving the ups and downs of this crazy market and submerged in long periods of stress and exhaustion. Each line was a little victory and each victory was shared and cherished with the ones close to me. Many others cheered me up whenever I showed some WIP in my
Instagram feed (Thank you all!). And in this whole process I could always count with my dearest friend and publisher Laura van Boeckel, who supported me since the first of my many "I won't make it thru this" calls.

The book was a huge experiment in order to find something fresh, one of my attempts to break away from my style and breathe new air. Inspired be letterpress printing and limiting myself to the use of only four colors with no variations, this book lead me to a more careful kind of planning, thinking ahead all the compositions, layers and contrasts, and looking for new colors by creating line patterns using a fixed grid and mixing them on top of other colors. A big colored puzzle.

I used everything I know about art nouveau and the 19th century fairy tale illustrations, and let some of my main inspirations come out without restrictions, combining Alphonse Mucha with Ivan Bilibin and throwing Mike Mignola on the mix just to give an edge to it all. As for concepts, I wanted to place all heroines and princesses far from what we are used to regarding fairy tales. I wanted new homes for them, placing the girls from Eastern Europe to the far Mongolia. I really believe fairy tales belong to the world and that could have happened anywhere.

The book had a small first edition and even thou its only published in Portuguese, if you want to grab a copy please send an email to the publisher. I hope someday we have editions in other languages!

Meanwhile all I can say is that I see a king coming in the horizon...
17.04.2013 | 
A Biennial Day in April
10th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial 2013

Just got the invitation to be part of the final round jury for the 10th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial. From a total of 1910 submitted projects, 725 made into the final shortlist and now it's our turn to take a good look at them. To my friend Bruno Porto and to everyone at ADG, thank you! It's really an honor to be part of this story.

10th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial is organized by ADG Brasil, the Brazilian Graphic Designers Association, a non-profit organization founded in 1989 with the fundamental objectives of promoting and valorizing Graphic Design in Brazil, as well as to affirm the profession's identity. Currently the longest-lived professional design association in the country, ADG Brasil is frequently consulted by government agencies, as well as international organizations and publications regarding design issues in Brazil.
29.03.2013 | 
A Donzela Sem Mãos
A Donzela Sem Mãos
Illustrations for the book A Donzela sem Mãos e outros Contos de Fadas (The Girl Without Hands and Other Fairy Tales), written by Helena Gomes and published by Escrita Fina Edições. Donzela is the first of three books we are planning to deliver in the next few years and contains five tales: The Queen Who Came from the Sea, The Girl Without Hands, The Wild Swans, The Enchanted Pig and The Love for Three Oranges.

Custer's Brother's Horse
Custer's Brother's Horse
This isn't hell, you bloody yobs. This is only Texas. Illustrations for Texas Monthly's exclusive excerpt from Edwin Shrake's book Custer's Brother's Horse. It's 1865, the Civil War is over, but still honest men are marched to the gallows by red-throated Unionists hungry for revenge.
Righteous Rides - Le Mans Prints
Righteous Rides - Le Mans Prints
Le Mans prints from Righteous Rides...and the Dudes Who Drive Them! exhibition are now available at the Hero Complex Gallery's store.
Death Race 2000 Print
Death Race 2000 Print
You Want to Make Love to me Because I Drive the Monster and Wear this Costume print available at Hero Complex Gallery's store.
RED - Porco Rosso Print
RED - Porco Rosso Print
Porco Rosso - Savoia S.21 FOLGORE print exhibited on the RED show is now available at Hero Complex Gallery's online store.
Syd's Alley Print
Syd's Alley Print
Syd's Alley print exhibited at the Moments Lost show is now available at the Bottleneck Gallery's online store.
Cold God Print
Cold God Print
Cold God screenprint, exhibited at the Winter is Here show, is now available at Bottleneck Gallery's online store.
Ultra Prints
Ultra Prints
Ultraman and Ultraseven prints available at Hero Complex Gallery's online store.
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